Wind Mitigation Inspections

Florida home insurance costs have hiked exponentially due to a significant increase in claims involving wind damage to properties. At Kelly Inspections, we understand that homeowners are looking for ways to lower insurance premiums, and that can include having a wind mitigation inspection report.

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

A home wind mitigation or windstorm inspection is an assessment of the property’s wind-resistant features that may help reduce the level of damage a house will suffer in the event of a strong storm or hurricane. For many homeowners, a wind mitigation inspection can result in substantial savings on insurance coverage premiums.

What to Expect from a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Residential properties are classified according to their degree of wind vulnerability. At Kelly Inspections, we offer top-notch wind mitigation inspections. We’ll inspect key features of the property that are vulnerable to damage caused by strong winds or hurricanes. These key features include:

Roof deck attachment: This is to determine if your roof deck is secured to the rafter or truss correctly and the strength of the attachment. We’ll also check if the length of nails used and spacing between them (6 inches is preferred) is correct for sustainability.

Roof to wall attachment: We check the types of connections used, including toenails, single wraps, double wraps, clips, and anchor bolts. Typically, double wraps are the strongest, while toenails are considered the weakest type of connection.

Roof design or geometry: The shape of your roof can determine if your home can withstand strong winds. In general, the hip roof that slopes down on all sides highly resists clashes from winds and can thereby lower your premium significantly.

Secondary water resistance (SWR): This can determine if the house has a protective layer under the primary roof. SWR is a supplemental means of protecting your home from wind and water intrusion in case your roof covering is damaged.

Roof coverings age: It includes checking the type of roof covering your house has, when it was installed, and if it meets Florida’s building codes. We’ll also check if the roof has been replaced recently.

Window and door opening protection: Kelly Inspections has the skills and knowledge to inspect the glazed openings (openings with windows and glass) and non-glazed openings (garage doors and entry doors) and if they’re wind-resistant. We will also check if the house has shatterproof windows, hurricane-rated doors, bracing of the garage doors, and storm shutters, which can prevent flying debris from compromising your home’s pressure barrier.

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