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If you’ve recently bought a new home, it likely has a builder’s warranty. Well, many builders offer a warranty between one and two years, but some can last up to 5 years. In our experience, we have noticed that major construction flaws can go unnoticed for many years. Waiting until the lapse of the warranty might end up costing thousands of dollars, while the builder will no longer be liable. However, all these hassles can be avoided by scheduling a warranty inspection with us before its expiration to hold the builder responsible.

Importance of Warranty Inspection

The goal of our warranty inspections is to help you prevent costly repairs in the future due to construction flaws. We cover all systems of the house, including the testing of  mechanical and structural components. All defects will be noted in a well-written report and presented to the builder. Generally, the reasons you should engage our warranty home inspection pros include:

    • The builder is liable for any defects that are found before the warranty expires
    • You can get legal leverage with our documentation of defects in case the house isn’t repaired to your satisfaction
    • It’s a chance to double-check the safety of your home, including the exterior, interior, roof, and HVAC, electrical systems, and plumbing

What is included in Our Warranty Inspections?

During the warranty inspection, Kelly Inspections pros will examine the home for defects that could worsen over time. This entails a complete inspection of the home – from the foundation to the roof. You can then use the report to determine if the builder should cover repair expenses or replace the items. Typically, Kelly Inspections Pros recommend the following:

Pre-closing Punch inspections: This includes Inspection of all doors, windows, appliances, electrical outlets, sprinkler system, kitchen and bath fixtures, foundation, paint, and exterior siding. However, it does not involve the assessment of components verified by the local building department.

11 Month Warranty Inspection: This involves evaluating the foundation, roofing, siding, and moisture intrusion. The Inspection is designed to pinpoint issues before a one-year builder’s warranty lapses. If an issue is identified, our Pros will document possible future deterioration; you should hold the builder accountable if it happens.

2nd Year Warranty Inspection: Kelly Inspections will follow up on prior inspections (if it has been done) and document any progression of issues that could have been found previously. If deterioration is evident, we will conduct invasive testing to support your warranty claim.

4th-year warranty inspection: The Inspection is designed to detect structural issues and alert you of any upcoming maintenance that’ll be required.

The house is new, do I need an Inspection?

Building a home requires different contractors with varied skills, knowledge, and levels of expertise. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise within the first year after construction. Some of these issues may be concealed and might start revealing themselves later on after the warranty has lapsed. Our inspection professionals can offer you a list of recommended repairs that the builder should correct for your peace of mind.

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