Home Inspections

Buying a home is a huge investment, and you should ensure you’re doing it right by learning its overall condition first. A complete home inspection can save you unforeseen headaches by allowing you to learn about minor and major issues with a home before buying it. It will also uncover potentially life-threatening defects such as mold or faulty wiring that could easily cause a significant fire and other dangers.

Most buyers and real estate agents do not have the knowledge and skills to assess the true condition of properties. However, this isn’t an issue because we’re here for you. We understand the vital role a professional home inspection plays in the real estate world and strive to offer the very best. Our detailed home inspections entail a thorough and visual assessment of components and systems of the house, including but not limited to:

    • Foundation
    • HVAC systems
    • Roof, vents, flashing, and trim
    • Gutters and downspouts
    • Plumbing System
    • Attic, insulation, and ventilation
    • Electrical system
    • Exteriors, patios, decks, and balconies
    • Steps, railings,
    • Driveways and walkways
    • And more

Other Home Inspection Services

At Kelly Inspections, we work tirelessly to identify the areas of concern in a home, thereby protecting your financial interests. Our goal is to ensure the buyer feels more secure in the decisions they make. We’ll offer you a comprehensive and detailed report, with high-resolution pictures in other services such as:

A sewer scope is an inspection of a home’s drain lines by using a camera. This inspection checks for any blockages, broken sewer pipes, or other issues that can’t be seen without digging up the yard. Homes built between 1945 and 1972 could have Orangeburg pipes, also known as black pipes. These pipes are made of hot pitch and wood pulp.   Furthermore, homes built before the 1970s might have cast-iron pipes. These pipes are known to cause structural issues so a sewer scope inspection could help identify these hidden issues.

If a seller agrees to replace or repair damaged areas of the home based on our initial Inspection, we recommend you have a re-inspection. A re-inspection will ensure that the work completed was done properly.

When purchasing a home with a lawn irrigation system, we make sure the system is working properly. We understand that irrigation systems can be complex and set up in zones. Our highly trained Jacksonville, FL home inspectors will check them and identify areas that need repairs, such as bad pressure regulators, flooded valve boxes, missing coverage, and missing nozzles.

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