4Point inspections

When buying a home or changing insurance companies in Florida, insurance providers usually ask for a 4point inspection to be carried out before obtaining a homeowner policy. The Inspection offers the insurer a better idea of the home they’re insuring- whether it’s well maintained and the components are in good working conditions.

What does a 4Point Inspection cover?

A 4Point Inspection includes the four major home systems:

– Electrical Systems

– Roofing System

– HVAC Systems

– Plumbing Systems

How a 4Point Inspection Relates To Your Home Insurance

Insurance providers are increasingly becoming reluctant when issuing homeowners insurance policies on older homes. The common concern is that the condition of these homes could be a liability if a major component fails or causes major damages. Outdated electrical wiring, improperly installed water heaters, premature roof issues, and faulty HVAC can be a huge liability to your insurer if they fail shortly after closure. Our 4Point Inspection can reveal the age and condition of these elements and ensure that you understand what’s needed to qualify for the best insurance coverage.

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